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Hermes Brothers has been doing it for Over 20 Years

We go beyond the regular expectation of our clients and we strive to make our one time customers call us back for recurring work. We customize quotes to try to fit our clients’ budgets and needs. Cleanliness and the general appearance of our clients facility is of the utmost importance. Our service will enhance and maintain the professional environment of their facility.


Hermes Brothers started over 20 years ago by providing clients excellent full-service commercial office cleaning, floor waxing and carpet care to Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.  Today, we are still in business because we strive to ensure client satisfaction. 

You’re in Good Hands

We are fully insured.  Our employees are trustworthy personnel who are experienced and dependable.  We supervise employee cleaning methods and provide training to make sure work is performed thoroughly and professionally.


Every client is unique and that is why we don’t post our pricing because it really depends on need and frequency. We customize all of our quotes, none are one-size-fits-all. We take time to see what our prospective clients need and truly give them a customized proposal.

Our Management Team

Our team has extensive experience in customer service and we take time to listen to our clients’ needs and that’s what sets us apart from our competition. We communicate very well with our clients and we always try to respond to our clients at the speed of today’s technology.

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