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We Focus on Cleaning, So You Can Focus on Your Patients

More Than Just Appearances

A Sanitary Environment Involves More Than Just The Appearance of ‘Clean’

Hermes Brothers offers health-based client expertise because WE:

Use Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Chemicals, such as DMQ and Spectrum HBV

DMQ is a neutral disinfectant cleaner concentrate which was designed to clean and disinfect high gloss or matte floors. This cleaner will not dull, haze or streak high gloss floor finish. DMQ’s film-free characteristics along with its germ-killing properties make it especially desirable for daily mopping.

Spectrum HBV Hospital Virucidal is a disinfectant which cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step. It was created to clean hospitals, medical and dental offices and clinics, physician offices. Day care centers and nurseries, institutional facilities, business and office buildings, hotels and motels and, apartments. Churches, classrooms, community colleges, universities, athletic facilities and, gyms. This cleaner was designed with the customers health in mind.

Offer and Perform Customized Work Schedules for Our Health-based Clients’ Needs

medical building cleaning

‘One Size Does Not Fit All’

Every medical facility has different needs. Some clients have examination tables, and others do not. Nonetheless, together with our healthcare clients, we customize a cleaning schedule, and sometimes adjust it from time to time to reflect the accurate sanitary and cleaning needs of the office.
Provide Consistent Cleaning Crews
Our cleaning crew retention is high. Your office will have a dedicated crew to clean the office consistently. Other commercial cleaning companies, especially franchises, promise the same regimen, but under deliver because the cleaning crews change daily. We are NOT a franchise; as a result, our nightly cleaning delivery is high-quality.

Recognition of OSHA and HIPAA Regulations

Knowing OSHA regulations is a standard in the cleaning industry; however, our recognition of HIPAA, as a cleaning company is unique. Not all cleaning companies know about HIPAA. Considering your patients’ sensitive information is on the premises, we respect privacy.

Provide 24 Hour Customer Service
We are one phone call, email or chat away and we pride ourselves on our customer service and how we respond to our clients.
Supply Material Safety Data Sheets, if needed
Hermes Brothers uses high quality cleaning solutions and disinfectants, such as DMQ, Johnsons, etc. Should you inquire about the safety of these cleaning solutions, we would be happy to provide you with safety data sheets.
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