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Any Building – Small, Medium or Large

Whether your office building is 500 or 100,000+ square feet, Hermes Brothers can design a customized cleaning regimen for your company. Call us to arrange a free estimate.

We Are Not a Franchise – Savings to You

Many cleaning companies are part of a franchise which can be very disadvantageous when hiring a cleaning company because there will always be a middleman. The invoices usually come from the headquarters which means the person you originally hired will be clueless on how to help you with the invoice questions and not to mention that it can lead you to a runaround with headquarters. An advantage to hiring a non-franchisee is that our cleaning crew would be consistent and there aren’t many changes with our staff. You will deal with the same person most of the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Special Services

In addition to janitorial office cleaning services (onetime, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly), we offer a wide variety of other services such as:

Floor Maintenance

(scrubbing, polishing/buffing, stripping and waxing)

Carpet Care

(bonnet, extraction, stain removal, flood damage, antimicrobial/mold treatment)

24 Hr. Emergency Clean-Ups

(floor, toilet overflow, pipe breaks)

Window Cleaning/Chandelier Cleaning

Initial Cleaning (one time cleaning)

Replace Damaged or Stained Ceiling Tiles

Basement Clean-Outs

Construction Clean-Ups

Foreclosure Clean-Outs

Air Vent Cleaning

Light Bulb Replacement

Office Cleaning

Based on your office or building’s janitorial needs, we can customize cleaning solutions; below are some popular services among our clients:
  • Trash bins emptied
  • Surfaces sanitized and dusted
  • Carpets vaccumed
  • Office kitchens cleaned
  • Desks wiped down
  • Floors swept
  • Damp floor mopping
  • Mirrors cleaned (streak-free)
  • Bathrooms completely sanitized and disinfected (including toilets and showers)
  • Removal of wall marks and smudges

Office Carpet Care

Commercial carpet is designed to withstand wear and tear, but it needs deep cleaning at least once a year. We combine carpet cleaning solutions with hot water extraction to remove dirt from commercial carpets. If spots have blemished your carpets, you may only need spot removal. We can let you know what your carpet needs or if it may be time to replace your carpet. One misconception about carpet cleaning is that the stains will not come back out after it’s been cleaned but that is simply not accurate. When you notice spots reappearing it could be because of carpet wicking which happens when moisture and cleaning agents move from the base of the carpet fibers upward to the tips of the fibers and bringing any hidden or embedded dirt from the bottom of the fibers with them. There are many factors for carpet wicking and we could tell you if your stains could have a possibility of wicking before we do the job.
Part of wicking prevention is regular and proper vacuuming. When water and detergent rise back to the top of the carpet fiber they bring the dirt deeply embedded in the carpet up with them one way to reduce soil coming up from the bottom of carpet fibers is to limit the amount of soil on your carpet in the first place. One way to keep the soil hanging out in your carpet to a minimum is to vacuum at least twice weekly, more often for higher traffic areas.

Commercial Floor Care

We care for every kind of floor made from most materials, such as vinyl, wood, ceramic, rubber, cork, marble, granite, composite and others alike.
It is important to seal vinyl, ceramic and stone floors before wear and tear occurs. However, if you haven’t, it might not be too late. We can strip, seal, wax and buff floors depending on the material. Contact us and we can give you a free estimate and let you know what your floor needs.
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